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The Only Diabetic-First Low Blood Sugar Snack With Real Food

Organic maple syrup snacks to raise low blood sugar on the go. No preservatives, refined sugars, artificial flavours or colours, here, ever.

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Convenient. Effective. Delicious.

Raises low blood
sugar quickly

No chewing! Liquid easy to swallow, sugar quickly absorbed into the blood

From nature
to your body

Tired of artificial chalky tastes?
Jump into nature's best: delicious maple syrup from Quebec

Treat the right way

Treat the right way

No more over or under treatment. Correctly dosed to give your body only what it needs

Always ready to treat

Always ready to treat

Whether in the middle of the night, at work or at the gym, we’ve got your back!

The Akinj Story

Why We Started Akinj ?

Our body never alerts us before having a low. This just happens all of a sudden, be it at night when sleeping, while travelling or at work, and it can be very difficult to raise your blood sugar level.

From chalky tabs to artificial gels or high calorie orange juice, these aren’t so much healthy alternatives for diabetics to raise blood sugar quickly and easily without overtreatment.

This is why we've created a high-quality, quick action and easy-to-carry product. Get Me High! is made from maple syrup, a pure source of natural sugar with no artificial flavours, colours, additives or preservatives.


Our mission

What drives us ?

Being diabetic is a full-time job: managing highs and lows, diet, diabetes supplies, carbs counting, insulin injections ... We know how long it can take and how energy consuming this might be.

This is why, from day one, our first motivation is to try to make everyday life (a little) easier by offering convenient, delicious and healthy products.

Diabetes comes with its own challenges and misconceptions. As a brand, it's our responsibility to raise awareness, educate and remind the community that life is way more than our highs and lows.


They Love it 🧡

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"I was low at 3.1 mmol and Get Me High! brought my blood sugar up to 4.6 mmol without a spike and kept it steady after! The best part is it worked within 5-10 minutes!"


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