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Our Mission

Committed to making life of diabetics (a little) easier by offering convenient, delicious and healthy products.

Our Story

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We are Walid and Myriam, co-founders of Akinj and caregivers for relatives living with diabetes.

As relatives of type 1 diabetics, we know how hard it is to get that sugar up when needed. For the past 15 years, we’ve experienced with them lows at night, at the beach, at the movies, at the airport, while driving, shopping, scary ones, funny ones and much more... We’ve seen our loved ones struggle when having a low from eating things they dislike to over treating, or simply being tired of eating when they didn’t feel like doing so. When we think of how much time is needed to treat a low, we can say that being diabetic is tiring and time-consuming.

With the aim of facilitating the treatment of hypoglycemia for our relatives and to improve their quality of life, we decided to create Akinj and develop its very first product: Get Me High!

Get Me High! was developed hand in hand with diabetics to ensure that nothing is missing along the way: taste, effectiveness or convenience. It's a product made from people living with diabetes for people living with diabetes. Our goal is to make life with diabetes (a little) easier. We are full of hope and can't wait to share our vision with the diabetes community! 

Values That Drive Us


At Akinj we believe that our power lies within us, we all have this magic in us that shines through. Sometimes we doubt this magic, and sometimes we are aware of it and become unstoppable.

Living with diabetes is a challenge and we wish to accompany you to succeed in this challenge by empowering you at each step of the way.

Only The Best

At Akinj we believe that the best for our body comes from nature. We're obsessed with quality, which is why we only use premium ingredients.

Our products contain no added or refined sugar, no preservatives, additives, artificial flavours or colours.We are 100% natural to offer you the best of nature's power.


We strive to create high-quality, sustainable hypoglycemia treatments. For you and the planet. We want to make a positive impact by creating the best high-quality products, sourced and produced locally.

From product to packaging, we strive to make the best decisions for our planet by implementing environmentally conscious choices.


At Akinj, we believe that as human beings, we are all part of a community in some way. Being part of the diabetes community pushes us to go beyond our limits every day.

Because this community is welcoming, caring and passionate, we would like to make others become curious about it, to discover it and finally speak out. Because, together, we’re stronger!