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Lows Suck...

Diabetes brings about the challenge of balancing blood sugar. It’s like being a tightrope walker. It can be very exhausting since our body can react differently from one day to the other.

One of the scary things about diabetes is hypoglycemia. Some lows are moderate, while others are severe. No matter how severe or moderate it might be, the feeling is the same: horrible!


The 4 Golden Rules Of Hypo Treatment

  • Quickly react and treat: it's a time race! As soon as the first symptoms start appearing, treat as quickly as possible
  • Don't be fooled by guesswork: test your blood sugar level as soon as you start having symptoms. Frequent lows can decrease normal responses to hypo and lead to hypoglycemia unawareness
  • Treat with fast-acting sugar: simple carbohydrates have a quick and easy access to our body allowing to cut the line and quickly enter the blood through a VIP path
  • Treat with the right amount of carbohydrates: giving our body only what it needs helps avoid post-treatment roller coasters

The superpowers
of Get Me High!

Why Get Me High! is so effective?
Get me high! was designed based on the guidelines of the Canadian and American diabetes Association for the treatment of hypoglycemia. Here's how:

  • Easy-to-carry for a quick treatment anytime, anywhere
  • 15g of natural sugar to avoid under or over treatment, say goodbye to sugar spikes!
  • No protein, no fat, only liquid sugar to ensure rapid absorption into the blood

Test. Treat. Wait.

Here is an overview of the steps involved in the treatment of hypoglycemia in adults according to the clinical practice guidelines of the Canadian and American Diabetes Association:

  • Test your blood sugar to accurately assess the severity of hypoglycemia
  • Treat accordingly: 15g of fast-acting sugar for mild to moderate lows and 20g for severe lows in conscious people. Glucagon or intravenous glucose should be administered to the unconscious ones. Caregivers or support persons should call for emergency.
  • Wait 15 min
  • Test again and repeat the process if blood sugar is below the target level


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